How many new homes will be provided?

Around 450 new homes will be provided on site, making a significant contribution to local housing need.

What kind of homes will be provided?

A variety of homes will be provided across a range of sizes to ensure the development meets local housing requirements and creates an inclusive community.

Will the development include affordable housing?

The current objective is for 30% of all the new homes will be affordable.

How tall will the new buildings be?

Detailed assessments are being undertaken as part of the planning application process to ensure that building heights are appropriate for the site and have a positive impact locally. Carefully considered design will ensure a minimal impact on neighbouring properties in regards to light, overshadowing, privacy and noise.

Where will the new residents park?

Sufficient car parking for the new residents will be provided on-site as part of the development. A range of sustainable transport initiatives will also be promoted as part of the development including a car club and cycling facilities and routes to encourage residents to utilise more sustainable travel opportunities.

Will the homes facing onto Saint-Cloud Way experience high levels of noise?

The proposals are being developed to ensure the new homes are high quality and benefit from good environmental conditioning. The layout of buildings, the incorporation of insulation and the implementation of a high quality landscaping scheme will assist in ensuring that no undue noise is transmitted to residents of the new flats

Will the existing trees be retained?

Where possible existing trees will be retained and enhanced as part of the proposals. New planting and landscaping will also be introduced overall on the site.

Who will buy the new homes?

We expect there to be a high proportion of local buyers and the mix of homes have been designed so that they cater for first time buyers, families as well as those who are downsizing. Countryside has a history of achieving a very high proportion of sales to owner occupiers across their other developments. At the Countryside Acton project over 90% of sales have been to owner occupiers and 80% have been sold to those already living in the Ealing or neighbouring boroughs.

Will the existing parking spaces be replaced?

The Council has developed a comprehensive car parking strategy to ensure that car parking levels are maintained throughout the regeneration of sites in the town centre. This includes the provision of both temporary and new permanent car parking facilities across Maidenhead town centre.

What will happen to the existing bridge link that connects to Sainsburys?

The bridge link will be removed and the underpass will be significantly improved.

How long will it take to build?

The development will be built out in phases and will take approximately five years.

How will the disruption caused by construction be minimised?

Countryside is a member of the Considerate Constructors scheme who will independently score us on the efforts we make to be considerate to our neighbours. A neighbourhood liaison officer who will be a point of contact should there be any concerns during the construction phase will also be appointed.

The project team will be working closely with the local community and other developers so that we can coordinate where possible our access plans and avoid disruptive activities, such as any road closures, occurring at the same time.

Will the new green spaces be publicly accessible?

Yes, we are designing the development to feel part of the local community and provide real benefit to all local residents. New green public spaces will be available for all to enjoy.

Will there be contributions made to local education and health facilities?

The developer will provide s106 financial contributions which will go towards local community infrastructure, such as education and health facilities.

Will the development increase congestion levels on the surrounding roads?

Appropriate surveys and assessments will be undertaken as part of a planning application. The proposals strongly promote sustainable transport initiatives and include extensive new cycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.